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Gouache set CLASSIC ART Kompozit 6*20 ml

Gouache set CLASSIC ART Kompozit 6*20 ml

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- Odorless
- When dried, it creates a matte surface with a velvety effect and excellent covering power
- Fine structure allows for maximum color revealing
- Specially selected range of professional colors (6 pcs)
- All colors can be easily mixed with each other
- Diluted with water

Contents of the set:
Titanium whitewash - 1 pc.
Yellow basic - 1 pc.
Red strong - 1 pc.
Green special - 1 pc.
Blue FC - 1 pc.
Mars black - 1 pc.

High-quality gouache paint, developed taking into account the recommendations of professional artists, made on the basis of carefully selected pigments and natural vegetable dextrin. It is diluted with water. It is perfect for painting, graphics, decorative and applied arts. It is easy to apply and blend with water, different colors have a uniform consistency and therefore mix perfectly with each other to create new shades. When dried, it creates a matte surface with a velvety effect and excellent hiding power.

COMPOSITION: a mixture of pigments, fillers and functional additives in an aqueous solution of vegetable dextrin.

APPLICATION: Stir thoroughly before use, dilute with water if necessary. Apply to paper, cardboard or primed canvas with a brush, sponge or other suitable handy tools. It is best applied at the temperature from +10 to +20 °С and relative humidity from 50 to 80%.

STORAGE AND SAFETY: Store and transport in original sealed containers at a temperature between +5 and +35 °С, protect from direct sunlight and heat. Safe for intended use Use by children under 3 years of age only under adult supervision. Clean working tools from paint residues and rinse with water. After drying, dispose of containers and product residues as construction waste.

WARRANTY PERIOD OF STORAGE: 5 years from the date of production.

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