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Coarse-Grained Structural Paste Art Kompozit 300 ml (10,15 Fl oz) White color

Coarse-Grained Structural Paste Art Kompozit 300 ml (10,15 Fl oz) White color

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  • Water dispersible, odorless
  • Easy to form, dries quickly
  • Water resistant
  • For interior and exterior use

Latex coarse-grained structural paste for three-dimensional relief design of various durable surfaces. It gives the surface a rough appearance, perfectly hides small irregularities and defects, and is easy to mold. For interior and exterior use.

COMPOSITION: a mix of pigments, structural fillers and functional additives in water-borne acryl latex emulsion. Free from organic solvents and hazardous substances.

FUNCTION: for applying on the wood, cardboard, canvas, ceramics, tiles, glass (e.g., vases), primed metal and mineral (including gypsum) surfaces, as well as for creating a variety of decorative textured coatings indoors and outdoors.

APPLICATION: apply to the durable, clean and dry surface in any convenient way and create the desired relief pattern immediately with an appropriate texture tools, brush or spatula. Open time is about 15 minutes. After complete drying (1 – 24 hours, depending on the layer thickness and conditions), the coating can be painted and varnished.

STORAGE and SAFETY: store in the original sealed container at the temperature from +5 to +30 °С. Keep away from direct sunlight and heating. Warning. H317: May cause an allergic skin reaction. Use by children is possible under adult supervision only! Clean wet working tools from residual paste, then wash with water thoroughly (the dry paste is quite durable).
SHELF LIFE: 36 months from the date of manufacture.

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