Art Kompozit Acrylic Paints

Art Kompozit is high-quality universal acrylic paint. When applied in a thick layer, it does not crack, forms a strong, extremely elastic and velvety film that is resistant to water. Colour range: 60 (including 15 paints a metallic effect, 4 fluorescent paints).

Our acrylic paints have proven their worth among professional artists, amateurs and interior designers. Do you want to express your talent for the whole world to see? Art Kompozit acrylic paints will make your works even more creative, original, admirable so you can be even more popular.

Art Kompozit paints are based on a special formula that includes high-quality pigments, which will preserve each and every nuance of your masterpiece and extend its life for a record time.

Volume (ml):
75 ml
430 ml
1000 ml (titanium white, black Mars)
Intended use:
Intended for canvas, wood, cardboard, ceramics, tiles, primed metal and mineral surfaces (including plaster of Paris)

Art Kompozit acrylic paints are easily applied to most surfaces:

• wood;
• cardboard and paper sheets;
• metal (primed);
• mineral surfaces (e.g. stone);
• plaster of Paris, etc.
  • Good adhesion; faster drying compared to oil paints.
  • After drying, they do not dissolve with water and many chemical solvents.
  • Eco-friendly, hypoallergenic, completely safe for human health and without a pungent odour.
  • They do not fade and do not get discoloured over time.
  • Paintings made with these paints easily withstand high humidity, exposure to direct sunlight and temperature changes.
  • Versatile and easy to combine with other art supplies.
  • They form an unusually strong, elastic, velvety film with a spectacular texture.
  • Micronised, which is an advantage for aerography since the paint does not clog the nozzle.
  • Guaranteed shelf life is 36 months.
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